Flax cannot be completely evenly spun. Linen thread is typically bumpy and fuzzy, giving linen its unique character.
 For warp and weft thread, however, the linen must be spun thin and as smooth as possible. In Harbin Linen Textile Group, the Mackie spinning system is perfect the pure linen yarn count range is from 3.5Nm to 80Nm.

Continuous Bleaching
  Continuous bleaching is a major type, of complete alkali removal and a high capillary effect is favourable to controlling the dyeing. All machines at our mills in Harbin Linen Textile Group are based on a 1.2-3.2 meters working width.
  Use projectile loom and rapier loom to weave pure linen and interwoven fabric and used air-jet weaving machines to do the blended fabric. Harbin linen textile group offers different loot setups according to price and product sensitivity. Our mills in China are well-equipped with the right machinery for the job.
  Mills have wide widths from 1.2 to 3.20 meters Rotary, 16 colours are the max colour-way, as well as a Digital Printing option, Harbin Linen Textile Group, is able to make its name among the best manufacturers in China.
Digital Printing
   Dyeing is perhaps the most delicate operation that a fabric goes through while being manufactured. The characteristics of continuous dyeing are enhanced productivity, better process control, high processing speeds, a lot size could be large, uniformity of dyeing improved levelness and solidity of shade. Good appearance and high colour yield.
  When it comes to the finishing and hand feel of your fabric and linen, we offer different choices of textile finish from different hand feel, chemical finishing and application for various applications like water proofing, air permeability, coating etc...
Our Process
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